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The Studio Design Team

What We Can Do for You!

Create an image for your property. As the saying goes "first impressions are the most important." We find that this statement is even truer than ever before in this competitive market. A bad first impression can be nearly impossible to recover from, and making a great first impression is extremely important. Great design can set the tone for your property. Quality, comfort and a welcoming atmosphere is what your hotel should portray to your guest.

We can help add a regional flair to your hotel to communicate a sense of community to your guests. BW Studio Design are reasonably priced, nearly 50% below the market price for similar services.

Effective collaboration is the key to our success. We work closely with you to understand your property and your vision. Together we work toward a design solution. Unlike the typical franchisor, we never impose a signature look unless specifically asked to do so. Our overriding goal is to create an environment that is visual and functional while conveying the essences of your region and market.

Best Western Studio Design team members are creative thinkers. We shape possibilities as designers and form an inviting hotel space and experience. A talented team, skilled at designing and understanding the importance of marketing your hotel correctly, equals success.

You can reach Studio Design at 800-528-3601, option 4, and other Design team departments at 877-337-4661.
See below for a list of direct dial phone numbers to reach a specific department or person.


Name Title Office
Kim Kushner Director Supply & Studio Design 602-957-5885
Kelly Boschen Manager Studio Design 602-957-5514
Judy Wexell Administrative Assistant 602-957-5856

Fax: 602-957-5978

Name Title Office
Kelly Boschen Manager, Studio Design 602-957-5514
Missy England Sr. Interior Designer 602-957-5534
Tiffany Miller-Baker Sr. Interior Designer 602-957-5529
Leesha Hodel Sr. Interior Designer, Packages 602-957-5612
Victoria Knutson Sr. Interior Designer 602-957-5957
Lauren Lucio Assoc. Designer 602-957-5848
Tonya Sheridan Interior Designer 602-957-5794
Kristina Valenzuela Interior Designer 602-957-5698
Dawne Henderson Sr. Interior Designer, Design Lead, Packages 602-957-5526
Ron McFadden Conceptual Architect 602-957-5923
Brant Arnold Conceptual Architect 602-957-5827
Alan Robinson Conceptual Architect 602-957-5837
Jamie Cordell Assoc. Designer 602-957-5520
Kayla Weber Assoc. Designer 602-957-5592
Keala Johnson Assoc. Designer 602-957-5935
Jessica Brusby Assoc. Designer, Packages 602-957-5571
Jenna Hodgkiss Assoc. Designer, Packages 602-957-5710
Melanie Kettring Sr. Designer, Packages 602-957-5565
Jodi Blaker Sr. Interior Designer 602-957-5629
Rebecca Brittain Interior Designer 602-957-5991
Sarah Gelman Interior Designer 602-957-5857
Paula Garcia Dept. Assistant 602-957-5541