Is financing available?

Not directly through Best Western International or Design and Supply, however, we can help you make contact with the endorsed leasing companies that service our industry. You are also able to purchase the Design Packages using either Visa® or MasterCard® through Best Western Supply or with a Letter of Credit from your bank. You can also use your Best Western Supply credit, keeping in mind that your Best Western statement must be paid in full each month.

How much do the Design Packages cost?

Price ranges varies depending on your room size, furniture pieces needed, and package selected. Cost ranges are very close to $4000-$5000 per standard guestroom. Contact Contract Supply for pricing.

What are the estimated lead times on the Design Packages?

These are estimates only. It is always likely that demand will be large on certain items, so we have provided a range of dates that show approximate lead times. As with anything you order, the earlier you start the process the smoother the project will flow.

Casegoods/Furniture6-16 weeks
Carpet & Lighting4-12 weeks
Wall Covering & Artwork4-8 weeks
Fabrics6-20 weeks
Seating, Window Treatments, Bedding6-10 weeks from receipt of fabric

How long will it take to renovate my guestrooms with the Design Packages?

It depends on the size of your property, the time of year, and other key factors. However, since each package is pre-planned and pre-negotiated, it makes the most efficient use of your time! We understand that "time is money". In our business, the sooner you offer your guests a renovated, contemporary guestroom, the sooner you might be able to gain an increase in your ADR within your market. If you need additional information, please contact your Contract Sales Representative in Supply.

What is included in the total Design Package cost?

The price list covers products costs only. Freight and local sales tax is extra. The sales service team at BEST WESTERN Supply, and your Project Manager will assist with expediting and tracking orders for you, at no charge. If you need installation services, we can recommend companies for you to contact.

Click here to contact the sales service team.

If I am interested in purchasing a package, who should I contact?

Your first point of contact should be Best Western Supply @ (800) 528-3601 (Option 3) and speak to one of your Contract Sales Representatives. For Canadian Packages, call 1-800-297-8775.

Who will be my contact throughout the project?

The process will begin with a Contract Sales Representative, and a Project Manager will then be assigned to be your One Point of Contact. Your PM will provide follow-up, expediting, tracking, and act as a liaison between you and our suppliers. Your Project Manager will be a great asset to the success of your renovation, and to see your project to completion! Click here to contact your Contract Sales Representative.

Are there any additional fees associated with using one of the Design Packages?

No, the beauty of using one of the pre-designed packages is the ease in ordering and the time and money you save because the design work is already done. Because of the lower than regular prices that Best Western Supply has negotiated, you receive an "average" savings of 10%-22% depending on your final choice.

Can you "Mix and Match" items in the various packages?

Each package is designed individually with a certain style and each of them meets our minimum specifications and design guidelines as stand alones. You should always check with your Regional Design Consultant if you are considering mixing items from two or more packages. Click here to contact your Regional Design Consultant.

How do I get a copy of my Design Report?

Your Regional Design Consultant can send you a copy. Click here to contact your Regional Design Consultant.

I'd like to view the most current Guidelines.

The most current Guidelines can be found here. View PDF >

I want to discuss my Design Report with someone. Who?

Your Regional Design Consultant will discuss your conditions with you and can make recommendations. Click here to contact your Regional Design Consultant.

Who do I call to request a waiver?

Your Regional Design Consultant can help you with that by putting you in touch with the design staff who, in turn, will get the waiver process started. Click here to contact your Regional Design Consultant.

Who do I call to start a renovation of a space-planning project?

Call a Best Western Design Interior Designer. Our designers can produce floor plans, elevations and FF&E selections as needed. This may include a site visit, but most projects may be done from notes, photos and phone interviews. Click here to learn more about the Design Process.

Who do I call to remodel my lobby, guestrooms, or other areas of my hotel?

Call Best Western Design Services. Our designers can start a project by developing a complete set of plans, right down to color choices, FF&E, product numbers, scheduling, pricing and more. Click here to contact Design Services.

What if I want a designer to visit my property, to help me meet the guidelines noted on my design report?

Your Regional Design Consultant can get the ball rolling. Your Regional Design Consultant will arrange a DEP visit. This is billed at $500.00, once per program. Additional visits are billed at $60 per hour, an administrative fee of $150.00 and travel expenses. Click here to contact your Regional Design Consultant.

How can I replace my bedspreads?

A Contract Representative at Best Western Supply can help you. Your Contract Representative can send you fabric samples and pricing. Click here to contact your Contract Representative. I want to make certain the furniture I want to buy from my local designer will meet Best Western Guidelines. Who should I call?

Contact a Best Western Design Evaluation Assistant. The Design Evaluation Assistant will either approve it or explain why it is not approved, and will make suggestions for changes you can make to gain approval. Members are required to submit all no-Supply FF&E for review, prior to purchase.

I'd like to make some structural changes to my property.

You can contact a local architect or Best Western Design Services. Either one can create architectural drawings for your project. Members are required to submit all plans to Best Western Design for architectural review prior to the start of construction.

Who do I call to to triple sheeting?

Your Contract Service Representative can give you competitive price quotes, samples, guidelines and recommendations for Triple Sheeting options. Click here to contact your Contract Service Representative.

Who do I call if I have a manufacture dispute during a building or renovation project?

If you placed the order through Best Western Design & Supply, your Contract Representative can help. Your Contract Representative follows the progress of your order and verifies its proper delivery. If there should be any issues, you are not alone. We'll be there to make sure that every last item ordered is received to your satisfaction.